"Based on the practices and the teachings of the Soto Zen tradition, we envision a harmonious society, where all beings can live together peacefully and happily through the mind of compassion that cares for and honors one another..."

— Reverend Gengo Akiba

Tenpyozan is an international Soto Zen practice center being built 3 hours north of San Francisco, in Lake County, California. Our mission is to support and encourage the international transmission of Soto Zen Buddhism by offering training for Soto Zen clergy and opportunities for formal practice, cultural and religious study, and community fellowship for both clergy and laity. We invite you to join us in building this vision.
“The trees, grasses, and land involved in this all emit a bright and shining light, and preach the profound and incomprehensible dharma which is endless. Trees and grasses, wall and fence expound and exalt the dharma for the sake of ordinary people, sages, and all living beings. Ordinary people, sages and all living beings in turn preach and exalt the dharma for the sake of trees, grasses, wall, and fence...”
— from 'Jijuyu Zanmai' by Eihei Dogen Zenji